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Social Infrastructure is making way for a strong and steady future. Intelligite Undertakew turnkey projects in land development combined with sectors in the implementation of strength and sustainability.

Intelligite is  focused on several rapidly growing projects for setting up turnkey projects as under own initiates with  Multilateral funding viz. World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Bilateral Credits from Government to Government routed through Export-Import Banks, Supplier’s credit – arranged for specific projects and  Buyer’s own funds to fulfill a project.

New possibilities


Social Infrastructure – Making way for a strong and steady future

Buy.   Build.   Sell.   Invest

Tradition. Integrity. Value.

Since we formed our corporate cooperation, Intelligite has earned a reputation for building strong teams. Whether that means taking the initiative on design-build assignments or being part of an overall team that is led by others, bringing people and companies together to collaborate and successfully accomplish construction projects has always been one of our finest traditions and principal strengths.

We have matured and grown as an EPC company to meet our constantly evolving industry. We embrace innovation and technology practices to meet
complex and demanding marketplace. Despite the changes a successful construction services company must make to stay competitive, there is one thing that has never changed: Our integrity.

Our people are honest, reliable and fair. They are hardworking and passionate about their work. This dedication and unwavering integrity
enable clients to confidently make Bayley Construction their construction company of choice time and again. We believe that when a client gives us their vote of confidence, we must exceed their expectations. Beyond good business practice, it is simply the right thing to do.

We are dedicated to bringing value to our clients and their projects every day. Our experience over the last five decades proves invaluable to clients on every project. Our goal is to save owners more than our fee on every project in which we are involved.


You owe it to yourself to choose a construction company that proves its merit by the work it performs. This is why you owe it to yourself to experience the Intelligite Way.

Tradition, integrity and value—that is the Intelligite difference.

Delivering   quality  Strength  and Sustainability


About us

We provide a range of services. Our mission is to provide the best solution that helps everyone. Our company is constantly evolving and growing.

Intelligite is known for its clearly structured, cost-effective design. We have a high degree of automation and mechanization. The planned energy-efficiency of our plants ensures sustainable, environmentally aware operation.  In short, we take a holistic view of production plants.

Intelligite is supplying "complete" systems. This means that our production plants, such as those for manufacturing house-building elements or sheet glass, are fully functional units, that include not only the transport devices but also all the necessary equipment. Our strength lies in taking a holistic view of a production plant, which we showed once again in the case of a recycling plant. By linking and adapting mechanical, physical and chemical separation processes, we optimized the process and energy consumption of the plant to meet the owners' requests.








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Intelligite has technologies that enable renewable raw materials and natural sources of energy in a wide range of applications. Our engineers and teams of developers combine their years of experience and their know-how to plan and deliver complete plants to respond quickly and methodically to new market developments, legal directives and trends.


We aim to provide high-quality technological solutions that meet requirements and give our customers long-term competitive advantages.



What we do


1. construction services

We tailor our commercial construction services to the individual needs of our diverse clientele. By focusing specifically on your project, we make sure our commercial construction services fit both your overall needs and long-term vision. The reliable quality control and steadfast dedication of our construction services professionals produce immediate, and long-term, sustainable success where your goals and visions are realized.

This combination makes Bayley Construction the commercial building construction company of choice time and again. Our commitment to excellence, safety and strong partnerships is a natural extension of the tradition, integrity, and value that comprises what we call ‘The Intelligite Way’. Please take a look at our commercial construction services to learn more about why we are the perfect commercial building construction company for you.


2. PRE construction  MANAGEMENT

Sound planning is the fundamental cornerstone of project success. Preconstruction management ensures that when it is time to start physical construction in the field, every angle has been covered. Hiring a competent, experienced preconstruction management team at the early stages of project design can avoid claims and cost overruns. The absolute necessity of laying a solid foundation is the reason preconstruction management is possibly the most important of all commercial construction services. Our preconstruction management services include:

  • Managing your budget, materials selections, constructability and schedules

  • Before actual construction commences to check as-built conditions, dimensions, and conditions of existing surfaces scheduled to be re-used

  • Reviewing drawings for the coordination of primary consultants, and performing  cost comparisons for alternative materials and methods

  • A recognized preconstruction management team can also foster a stronger, more reliable sense of teamwork based on the respect only a reputable firm is afforded in our extremely competitive industry. Our pre-construction management services also focus on:

  • Project budgeting and estimating

  • Pre-ordering of long lead-time items

  • Design review and team meetings

  • Document coordination

  • Constructability review and commentary

  • Building information modeling (BIM)

  • Life-cycle cost analysis

  • Value engineering

  • Construction phasing, sequencing and site logistics

  • Subcontractor preparation and packaging

  • Project scheduling (including preconstruction activities)

  • We welcome you to contact us to discuss how our preconstruction management services can benefit you.



3. COMPLETE construction  SERVICES


Our general construction services pick up where our preconstruction management leaves off, by centralizing and collaborating with everyone related to your commercial construction project. Because of this, our complete general construction services involve working hands-on with each client, project architects, and all necessary subcontractors. Our complete general construction services include:

  • Experienced team organization and communication including regular coordination meetings and status briefings

  • Schedule monitoring to ensure your project stays on target including inspections and permit processes

  • Advanced management systems and training, including our newly refined Project Management Database

  • Our services provide every team member with continual support from staff experts in the areas of safety, quality control, equipment and yard support for tools and vehicles, accounting, and insurance. Our services also provide active, hands-on executive guidance for all project management interpretations and field support questions. Please click on the boxes below to learn more about how we approach and execute our complete general construction services….




Design build commercial contractors use a delivery method that streamlines and simplifies two previously separate phases of construction: Project Design and General Construction. Design build commercial contractors form a team that includes architects, builders, engineers, estimators and other members of the construction community. The design build team has five main phases:

  • Selecting the design builder

  • Preconstruction management assessment

  • Architectural design

  • Construction

  • Post-construction

Unlike classical construction projects, design build commercial contractors projects’ focus on collaboration and thus, these phases tend to overlap instead of remaining autonomous. By combining such a diverse multitude of industrial forces, design build commercial contractors deliver results previously thought unachievable in classical construction’s hierarchical terms. Some of our more popular design build commercial contractors projects focus on landmarks including:

  • Parking Structures

  • Retail Building Spaces

  • Office Space

  • Sports Stadiums

  • Entertainment Venues



Implanting Strength -  

 - Driving Sustainability

Ongoing projects


Customers, who ask Intelligite to plan and construct plants, are also given the infrastructure as part of the package.

Our Group that handles structural engineering, technical building services, and infrastructure. The EPC portfolio is complemented by the Architectural Division. We take care of the pre-approvals required for developing the planned building sites.

We create the architectural appearance of your plant, from the road layout to the design of the façade, as well as the ancillary technical plants. We have already proven our capabilities many times.

When it comes to technical building services, we are equally as familiar with cleanroom facilities as with the fields of research and development. We are proud to say that we have highly motivated specialist personnel available for every type of technical facility. Compliance with modern building standards is a matter of course.

Our strategic alliances with highly skilled experienced architects and engineers allow us to quickly and efficiently assemble custom teams whose expertise can be directly applied to a multitude of construction types. When it comes to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection, Intelligite design build commercial contractors have the knowledge and experience to prepare bid packages taking into account the timing required to build a design team, while managing the competitive process of buying out these trades. 


Delivering   quality  

Strength  and Sustainability

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